ii. put the verb into the more suitable form, present perfect simple (i have done etc.) or continuous (i have been doing
ii. поставте дієслово у більш підходящу форму, подайте ідеальний простий (я зробив тощо) або безперервний (я робив і т.

1 where have you been? (you/play) tennis?
2 look! ) that window.
3 you look /work) hard?
4 '/ever/worked) in a factory? ' 'no, never.'
5 'jane is away on holiday.' 'oh, is she? /go)?
6 my brother is an actor. (appear) in several films.
7 'sorry i'm late.' 'that's all right. /wait) long.'
8 'is it still raining? ' 'no, (stop).'
9 ) my address /see) it anywhere?
10 (read) the book you lent me but
(not/finish) it yet.
11.) the book you lent me, so you can have it back now.

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