Пмогите,! 40 ! a. complete the sentences with will + one of these verbs. be look get come meet do like 1.don't go out in the hot sun. you burnt. 2.sorry for what i did. i it again. 3.bye. i expect we again soon. 4.i wonder how she after twenty ears. 5.i've invited them, but i don't think they
6.why don't you eat this? i'm sure you it. 7.i've spent all the money again. father furious. 8.hurry up or we late. 9.please wait a moment. i if i can help you. 10.i think you must buy that shirt. it nice on you. c. write questions using do you one of these verbs. one is done for you. stop finish
arrive cost like get married пример: it's still raining. when do you think it will stop? 1.i want to buy that bike. how (использовать → cost) 2.sabina and bidan are in love. (использовать → get married) 3.i've bought this gift for tara. 4.the match is still going on. 5.i have been waiting for the
bus. what

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