30 . read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. use only one word in each space. taste. we take it that when we put something in our mouths, we taste it. but why bodies be able to detect chemicals in this way? in order that question, we need to consider two things:
the dietary requirements bodies and the risks associated . our bodies need certain substances regular basis, including vitamins, carbohydrates and salt. the flavour of food, 7. fruit, gives us important information the nutrients it contains. sweet tastes mean sugar, which means high energy
levels. salty tastes indicate the presence of other chemicals we need . because we find these pleasurable, we tend to eat food that in these substances. bitter or sour tastes, on the other hand, usually act ’s warning devices. when something is poisonous, it usually bitter flavour, a taste 14.
naturally dislike. also, as food it tends to develop a sour taste. this means that we are able to avoid food that could cause health problems.

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